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  • Information on tVNS from PD Dr Ranni von Wrede and Dr Pukrowski from Klinik für Epileptologie, UKB Bonn

    PD. Dr. Ranni von Wrede and Dr. Pukrowski, leading epileptologists from the University of Bonn, discuss the concept of Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS), an effective method for epilepsy treatment. Based on her experience in tVNS and Vagus Nerve Stimulation for epilepsy, Dr. Wrede explains this method in detail, which is simpler and more effective compared to traditional methods. General overview is provided about the device's usage, side effects, and treatment process. Source:

  • A real life epilepsy story of Elena : tVNS in West and Aicardi Syndrome

    Discover the inspiring journey of Elena, a young girl with Aicardi syndrome and drug-resistant epilepsy, and the positive impact of tVNS on her life. The mother of Elena, recounts their journey with their daughter, who began grappling with epilepsy at the tender age of four months. Faced with the complexity of drug-resistant epilepsy and numerous failed medication attempts, the family turned to a tVNS device in September 2022. Over the course of eight months, they observed notable advancements in seizure management, with occasional seizure-free days providing a glimmer of relief. The speaker expresses appreciation for the positive impact on their daughter's life, citing improvements in cognitive skills, communication, and motor functions. While acknowledging the ongoing challenges posed by epilepsy, the testimonial highlights the perceived contribution of the tVNS device to enhancing the overall quality of life for their daughter.

  • A real life epilepsy story of Oguzhan: tVNS in Dravet Syndrome and Resistant Epilepsy

    Zeliha Korkmaz, the mother of 7-year-old Oğuzhan, who battles resistant epilepsy and was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome at 4.5 months old, recently shared their transformative journey with tVNS. Oğuzhan endured numerous hospitalizations due to refractory seizures, even undergoing a ketogenic diet that eventually proved ineffective. Following his physician's recommendation, Oğuzhan began using tVNS in January 2022. Since then, the positive impact on his life has been remarkable — experiencing extended seizure-free periods, enhanced cognitive abilities, and an overall improved quality of life. At tVNS, we strive to contribute to a better world for human life by evolving treatments to meet the changing needs of our dynamic world.

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  • 500 | tVNS HEALTH

    Time Out This page isn’t available right now. But we’re working on a fix, ASAP. Try again soon. Go Back

  • About Us | tVNS HEALTH

    Meet the Founders Berkay Gezen is an enthusiastic professional with 25+ global business development and medical brand management. He has served as the global commercial director of CardiAid, brand for 11 years, from the design of the brand to its expansion in over 65 countries of the world. Following his creative vision of AED and his experience in global development, he became the founder of tVNS Health to focus on neuromodulation and vagus nerve stimulation technologies, sales, services and distribution for tVNS. With his expertise in market building, he become the implementer of projects that make a difference in more than 80 countries of the world. He has dedicated his professional life to increasing the awareness of public access defibrillators and neuromodulation. With his motivation, he inspires the medical community and continues to manage medical channel in more than 50 countries worldwide. Berkay Gezen Selin Erdogan Gezen She is a visionary leader in the field of neuromodulation technologies and global business development. After pivotal roles in renowned companies like Vodafone, Garanti BBVA Bank, and Hewlett Packard, as program management in innovative technology projects, Selin embarked on a new chapter as a founding partner of Nervovita Medical Technologies and tVNS Health, focusing on neuromodulation therapies. Her dedication led to the accessibility of transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation, revolutionizing treatment options around the globe. She collaborates with leading universities and institutes in over 40 countries, driving clinical studies across various diseases. She is designing the human-machine interaction for better usability of wearable medical devices. About Us tVNS Health Gmbh is a medical technology sales company based in Grünwald, Germany, that has been responsible for the global distribution, services, and operations management of tVNS devices, for the selected regions. The developer and manufacturer of the tVNS® therapy device is tVNS Technologies GmbH, Since 2010, tVNS® has been used in thousands of treatments globally and has significantly improved patients' quality of life. "Our mission is to empower individuals worldwide with innovative neuromodulation solutions that enhance well-being and improve lives. Committed to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology, we strive to be the global leader in distributing the transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation devices. Guided by a dedication to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility, our company aims to establish a pervasive presence in the global market, ensuring accessibility to the transformative benefits of the tVNS devices. We are driven by a passion for improving mental and physical health, fostering a world where individuals can achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Our commitment extends beyond the distribution; we aim to build enduring partnerships with healthcare professionals, research institutions, and distributors to foster a collaborative ecosystem. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, and ethical business practices, we aim to create a positive impact on the well-being of communities around the globe." Our Mission Our Vision "We envision a future where transformative neuromodulation technology becomes an integral part of global healthcare, revolutionizing the way individuals manage and enhance their well-being. Guided by innovation, compassion, and a commitment to excellence, we aspire to establish ourselves as the foremost global influence, ensuring universal access, recognition, and trust in the widespread expansion of tVNS technology. We aspire to lead the charge in advancing the field of neuromodulation, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible to unlock the full potential of the human body's innate healing mechanisms. By fostering a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and inclusivity, we aim to inspire a global movement toward proactive and personalized healthcare solutions. Through strategic partnerships, ongoing research, and a commitment to ethical business practices, we seek to shape a healthcare landscape where preventative and holistic approaches are celebrated. As we strive for excellence, our vision extends beyond business success to contributing significantly to the betterment of society. We see a world where the neuromodulation becomes a beacon of hope, fostering resilience, and promoting a culture of well-being that transcends borders. We are dedicated to pioneering a future where the power of neuromodulation transforms lives, creating a healthier, happier, and more connected global community." tVNS Health GmbH Headquarter ​ Südliche Münchner Str. 62, 82031 Grünwald, Germany ​ Contact Form

  • Crohn Disease | tVNS HEALTH

    Crohn's Disease Groundbreaking Technologies for Life What is Crohn's Disease ? Crohn's disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. This inflammation can be attached to one or more parts of the digestive system, but it is usually seen in the ileum, which is the last part of the small intestine, and in the beginning of the large intestine. Crohn's disease can cause inflammation in your digestive tract, leading to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, and malnutrition. Growth-development retardation in children may be signs of Crohn's disease. Extra-intestinal diseases are also observed in a quarter of Crohn's patients. These mostly occur in the skin, joints, eyes, liver and biliary tract, kidney and urinary tract, vascular heart and lungs. Crohn's Disease Symptoms Diarrhea Abdominal pains Intestinal blockages Fever Fatigue Loss of appetite and weight loss Still feeling full after using the toilet Frequent toileting is one of the early symptoms of Crohn's disease. Insomnia Tanı Yöntemleri ​ Crohn's Disease Causes ​ ​​ Immune system: It is possible for a virus or bacteria to trigger Crohn's disease; however, scientists have yet to identify such a trigger. When your immune system tries to fight off the invading microorganism, an abnormal immune response can cause the immune system to attack cells in the digestive tract as well. Heredity: Crohn's disease is more common in people with a family history of the same disease, so genes may play a role in the occurrence of the disease. Crohn's Disease Diagnostic Methods Blood analysis Stool analysis Stomach, small and large intestine films Colonoscopy and endoscopy CT and MRI images Crohn's disease can occur at any age, but it usually occurs when the disease is young. Most people who develop Crohn's disease are diagnosed before they reach the age of about 30. You are at higher risk for the disease if you have a first-degree relative with the disease, such as a parent, sibling, or child. About 1 in 5 people with Crohn's disease have a family member with the disease. Facts About Crohn's Disease Treatment Options for Crohn's Disease Medication Steroid drugs: These are drugs to reduce inflammation in the digestive system. Drugs for the immune system: These are drugs used to control the immune system. More information Surgical treatment Most Crohn's Disease patients may need surgical treatment. Removing the problematic parts of the digestive system and reconnecting them to healthy parts is the aim of surgical treatment. More information Crohn's Disease Diet In general, the patient is given a high-energy, abundant protein, low-fiber, low-fat diet rich in vitamins and minerals. For some patients, consumption of milk and dairy products is prohibited. More information Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS) tVNS ® reduces inflammation in the intestine, allowing the intestine to do its job more healthily. More information Contact us

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