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tVNS® R for Research 

Discover a Revolutionary Journey

with Innovative tVNS® Research Device

Meet the cutting-edge realm of vagus nerve stimulation research, where innovation meets precision in our state-of-the-art tVNS® R device. Crafted for flexibility and accuracy, it boasts complete wireless programmability, making it the perfect companion for in-depth clinical studies. Experience seamless control with the tVNS® Research and tVNS® Patient apps, integrating stimulation parameter adjustments, data collection, and patient feedback to elevate the depth and precision of your research.

Our commitment extends beyond technology; we're here to streamline your clinical trials, providing robust support for your studies, including a thorough CB safety report for swift ethics approvals and access to a global network of experts. Uncover the limitless potential of tVNS® R as it pioneers revolutionary paths in neurological research and transforms the landscape of patient care. Your journey to groundbreaking discoveries starts here.

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tVNS® R for Research

Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device for Research

  • Full Wireless Parameter Programmability

  • Patient App for Data Collection

  • Support for Clinical Trials

  • Triggered tVNS®

  • Legacy and Hook Electrode

  • Sham Stimulation

tVNS app

Research and Patient App

Your tVNS® R device gives you access to two apps: the tVNS® Research and tVNS® Patient app.

All technical parameters can easily be reprogrammed and wirelessly transmitted with the tVNS® Research app, allowing the researcher to try completely new stimulation protocols. In addition, you can collect and store technical and patient data.

The tVNS® Patient app automatically stores all technical data (stimulation parameters, time and duration of the stimulation etc.) and offers a questionnaire for patient feedback.

Support for Clinical Trials

We offer an individual adaptation of all parts for certain studies, e.g by changing the questionnaire in order to allow better feedback from the patient, or through the implementation of special stimulation parameters or technical ideas.

The tVNS® R device is defined as a device for investigational use. We can provide a CB report that proves the safety according to all medical device standards, in order to assist you with ethics approvals. So far, it has been accepted by all ethics committees.

In addition, we offer an international expert network and can direct any questions to experienced people around the world.

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tVNS app

Triggered tVNS®

We offer a separate PC-based tVNS® manager software. This software enables reaction to outside trigger signals (e.g. ECG R-wave trigger generated by an external ECG system, transferred to a PC).

Thus, closed loop tVNS® or triggered tVNS® can be realized in a scientific setup.

Legacy and Hook Electrode

We offer two different types of electrode designs with our tVNS® devices:

The Hook Electrode (left) comes standard with all new tVNS® devices. It offers better fixation and usability during daily activities.

The Legacy Electrode (right) can be used if the patient has small ears or a special ear shape. The integrated slider allows for better adaption to the ear.

transcutaneous vagus nerve stimülation

Sham Stimulation

The well known sham stimulation at the ear lobe is still possible. Upon request, we support studies by providing other more sophisticated sham stimulation options.

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