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A real life epilepsy story of Elena : tVNS in West and Aicardi Syndrome

Discover the inspiring journey of Elena, a young girl with Aicardi syndrome and drug-resistant epilepsy, and the positive impact of tVNS on her life.

The mother of Elena, recounts their journey with their daughter, who began grappling with epilepsy at the tender age of four months. Faced with the complexity of drug-resistant epilepsy and numerous failed medication attempts, the family turned to a tVNS device in September 2022. Over the course of eight months, they observed notable advancements in seizure management, with occasional seizure-free days providing a glimmer of relief. The speaker expresses appreciation for the positive impact on their daughter's life, citing improvements in cognitive skills, communication, and motor functions. While acknowledging the ongoing challenges posed by epilepsy, the testimonial highlights the perceived contribution of the tVNS device to enhancing the overall quality of life for their daughter.


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