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Cognitive impairment

Cognitive Impairment

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What is Cognitive Impairment?


The shrinkage caused by the loss of cells in the brain  causes various functional disorders. These dysfunctions may manifest as dementia, Alzheimer, and mild cognitive impairment, which are common in people ives. People with cognitive impairment are at high risk for Alzheimer and dementia. When adequate precautions are taken, cognitive impairment may regress, and it is possible for these people to lead a normal life.

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Types of Cognitive Disorder


It is the inadequacies experienced in language, skills and orientation, especially forgetfulness. Dementia is a family that includes many different types. There are Alzheimer's, dementia due to chronic cerebrovascular disease, alcoholic dementia, depressive dementia, dementia due to infections, etc. Dementia occurs as a result of general deterioration of the upper level functions of the cerebral cortex, especially over 75 years of age, with advancing age.

There are dementias that start with memory impairment such as Alzheimer's disease, as well as behavioral disorders, skill disorders, depression, There are also dementias that start with the symptoms of parkinson's disease and language disorders. It is a progressive disease.


It is the most common type of dementia  is a neurological disease that causes the destruction of brain cells. The disease, which causes a decrease in thought, memory and behavioral functions, occurs after a long time with advancing age. It may take years for the disease to reach advanced stages. Because it is a progressive disease, Alzheimer's patients experience problems such as inability to perform their daily tasks, forgetfulness and serious confusion. People with memory loss or other possible Alzheimer's symptoms may have trouble recognizing that they have a problem. 

Treatment Options for Cognitive Disorder 

There is no drug therapy approved to treat cognitive impairment. Medicines used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer's disease have been tried. Some studies have found that using these drugs for cognitive impairment is helpful, while others have concluded that there is no benefit. It has been noted that the use of other drugs, including NSAIDs, Ginkgo, Biloba and vitamin E, does not provide a great benefit.

tVNS Effect Mechanism

There are many clinical studies in recent years that cognitive disorders are caused by inflammation in the brain. Although the basic efficacy mechanism of tVNS has not been fully resolved, our new generation devices in 2021 became the first neuromodulation therapy approved for cognitive impairment in the world, due to both its benefits in the treatment of inflammation and the increase in neuroplasticity.

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