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Autism is a congenital, neurological disease, and it is a behavioral and verbal disorder that negatively affects a person's quality of life.

There are symptoms such as inability to make eye contact, repetitive behaviors, and difficulty in social activities. In addition, individuals with autism are sensitive to sensory stimuli such as lights and sounds.

Child at Psychologist

Types of Autism​

Asperger's Syndrome: Asperger's Syndrome is the mildest type of autism. The person with this syndrome may be very intelligent and excel at work. However, they have difficulty in socializing.

Classical Autism: Classical autism, also known as autism, shows symptoms such as communication disorder, restrictive and repetitive behaviors  with severe socialization and communication problems..

Atypical Autism: Children who have autism symptoms but do not meet the criteria enough to diagnose the disease are called atypical autism. Speech and communication disorders of individuals with atypical autism can be corrected with early diagnosis and correct treatment methods. 

Rett Syndrome: It is a disease as a type of autism that occurs in infancy. The incidence in girls is higher than in boys. It has symptoms such as problems with crawling or walking, decreased eye contact. 

Treatment Options for Autism

Special Education Treatment

It is the surgical intervention of areas in the brain that cause epileptic seizures and do not perform their normal functions.

special education

Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (iVNS)

With a surgical intervention, a battery is placed under the chest and an electrode wire is placed on the vagus nerve in the neck. With the help of the electrode, the vagus nerve next to the carotid artery is stimulated at regular intervals.


Special Diets

They are designed to correct the chemical imbalance in brain cells that causes seizures. These drugs work in different ways, although some are not yet fully understood.


Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS)

It is a treatment option that stimulates the vagus nerve with the help of an electrode attached to the ear and stimulates the centers in the brain.

transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation
vagus nerve


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